Renovation of a house

Design: 2018 – 2019
Construction: Dec. 2019-June 2020 (built)
Client: Private
Total floor area: 240 sqm
Structure: RC, S

bsides’ scope: Architecture, Interior
Design team: Takumi Saito, Pornpas Siricururatana
Collaborators: Sarawut Yuanten (Structure design)

Plook Ruen (ปลูกเรือน), or literally “planting a house”, is what we used to call an act of building a house in Thai. House is rooted in the ground and destinated to change with time and nature, a negotiation for humans to stay in a certain place. It is a sense of living through practice.

This is a record of the maintenance of a certain house in 2020. The operation is dedicated to perceiving a path of the past by maintaining the fundamental character, providing the potentials of structure, and leaving much of house as existing and open to the coming age.

The house is located approximately 80 km east of Bangkok, a typical wooden house in the late 60s that can be seen all over Thailand. The family has already been living there for over six decades. The house has grown as the family grows. Starting from a small two-storey house, the family extended the area both east and west, little by little, adding the total floor area to 250 sq.m., which is still relatively small compared to the 4000 sq.m. size of the plot. Sadly you can hardly feel the vast green area outside when staying inside. Now, as the family became compact, the house needed some trimming. We intended to renovate this house like an arborist, treat, trim, and prepare this house for years to grow.

Trimming a part of 2F wooden slab to make some space connecting the upper floor with the ground floor for creating flow in the house. Also, by removing part of the exterior wall, the interior space under the valley joint of the old and older roof became an outdoor space, bringing part of a vast green area into the house. Rearranging the bathroom and laundry area to connect with this exterior space helps to shorten the route to dry the laundry and becomes a shortcut to the garden.

These blank spaces help adjust the circulation, make a new connection within the existing frame and also help to improve the lighting condition and ventilation in the house by bringing bright background from the rich landscape outside.

Focus: a continuous environment for the house and the inhabitants’ lives without forcing a discontinuity with the past. Read the environment and outline the contours of life with some differences and changes.