16 toll booths

Wide range of shops and services are located with great density within Siamsquare’s 12 blocks and 11 Sois (soi = side-street in Thai). In that sense, the area itself would be well considered as a big outdoor shopping centre which, not like others giant air-conditioned shopping centre, the area is open and offers connections between several famous schools, university and the station and other shopping centres.

The proposal is for a new prototype of toll booth for car parking fee in Siam Square. The sites for toll booth are located at the entrance of each Soi, some has one for entrance or exit (one-way soi), some has both (two-way soi), some has one which serve for both function, some have none (pedestrians only)

Like an arrow, a triangle shape has a role of the sign for direction by its form. Informing drivers the direction of ways at a glance, the triangle shape helps the driver choosing the right way with immediate understanding. At the same time, the form allows worker inside the toll booth finds cars approaching more clearly. For a site that needs 2 function (both entrance and exit) in one toll booth, the combination of triangles is also possible.

Aluminum punching panel on facade helps avoiding direct sunlight, and also make the box more durable. Since Siam Square is full of elements with vivid colors,the colour of each toll booth was decided according to the colour of surroundings on each sites, aiming to be a part of specific identity of this area.

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Year: 2012
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Program: Commercial
Total floor Area: 2.2x16m2
Status: Design Development
Design Team: Pornpas Siricururatana, Takumi Saito