Chiangrai House

It was a big piece of land in the Centre of Chiangrai, the very north of Thailand. He was in his 70s. What he wanted was a place to rest during his favourite hobbies, gardening — a place to stay for a while when he wants to hide from the crowd.

The location was neatly selected to be situated among all the big trees while not cut any of them.
After several studies, we decided to make a compacted hut with an RC structure living terrace on the ground floor as an open space with a small kitchen which directly connected to the garden. His bedroom was on the second floor seeing the living terrace. The upper level, including the roof, was made from the wooden structure utilizing the owner’s collection of old wood.

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Year: 2015
Location: Chiangrai, Thailand
Client: Private Client
Program: Residential
Total Floor Area: 50m2
Status: Completed
Design Team: Pornpas Siricururatana, Takumi Saito